Rewards Program

What is BKpoint?

The BKpoint is the loyalty point we give to customers to express our appreciation. Every time when you make a purchase in BKee Zakka, your will earn BKpoint when your order is shipped. The conversion rate of BKpoint is:

1 US dollar (USD) = 100 BKpoint

Please note: when your order is cancelled and is refunded (no matter is partially refund or full refund), the BKpoint you earned from that order will be removed from your account. If you have already used the corresponding BKpoint, we reserve the right to charge the equivalent monetary value of the used BKpoint from you based on the conversion rate stated above.

Earning BKpoint

There are many ways to earn BKpoint. In addition to placing an order in our store, you can also earn extra BKpoint via the following ways:

Current Promotion:

  • Sign up as our member and you can earn 2,000 BKpoints
  • Leave review about your purchased item and you can earn 50 BKpoints for each review you left
  • Subscribe to our newsletter and you can get 1,000 BKpoints (the email address used in subscription MUST be the same as used in your member account)
    • Please note:
      • Please contact us after your successful newsletter subscription (by telling us the email address used in your member account). Then we will add 1,000 BKpoints to your account after verification.
      • Each email address can get the extra BKpoints via newsletter subscription once only.
  • Follow our Social Media accounts:
    • Like our Facebook Page: earn 500 BKpoints
    • Follow our Twitter: earn 500 BKpoints
    • Follow our Instagram: earn 500 BKpoints
    • Follow our Pinterest: earn 500 BKpoints
    • Subscribe to our YouTube channel: earn 500 BKpoints
      • Please note:
        Please contact us after following our social media accounts (by telling us the email address used in your member account). Then we will add the corresponding BKpoints to your account after verification.

Coming Soon:

  • Your accumulated order amount reaches our pre-defined point level
  • Share our products in your social media account
  • Refer a friend to place order in our site
  • Enter our giveaway / sweepstakes
  • Win our giveaways / sweepstakes
  • Buy products from categories which we feature from time to time

The amount of points you can earn from the activities above will be announced in our web site and our social media account from time to time. Please stay tuned!

Using BKpoint

After earning your first BKpoint, you can start using it in your next order. The redemption rate of BKpoint is:

1000 BKpoint = 1 US dollar (USD)

There is no minimum purchase requirement and no maximum limit of using BKpoint per order. You can use your BKpoints freely as you want.

Expiry of BKpoint

The validity period of BKpoint is 180 days. A system-generated reminder email will be sent to you 30 days before the expiry date of your unused points.

Please note: All unused BKpoint CANNOT be exchanged for cash. The points can only be used in the order placing in BKee Zakka.

Checking BKpoint Balance

You can always check your current BKpoint balance and its usage history from your account page. After logging in your account in BKee Zakka, you can find a section called “My Points” where you can check your account balance and the usage history of BKpoint easily.